Mercury: Editorial Workflows that Work for Editorial Teams

October 15, 2019

WordPress has a long history as one of the best technical solutions for publishing content. Plugins like Edit Flow and CoAuthors Plus are well established and essential tools for publishers. A large piece of this puzzle that’s often missing is a fully-featured publishing workflow. Mercury is a Gutenberg-first open source solution to editorial workflow and management. Using the Mercury plugin opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for editorial teams.

We’ll spend time discussing some of the problems editorial teams face with workflows, and then dive into how Mercury solves this problem. By creating a hypothetical workflow from scratch, we can explore different use cases, and see first-hand, in real time, how easy it is to use, and the flexibility it contains.

Under the hood, Mercury has been engineered relying on the extensive JavaScript packages that evolved with Gutenberg. The technical architecture in Mercury has the potential to be expanded into core offerings and other feature plugins, such as the settings API. Time permitting, we’ll discuss the concepts around data storage, hooks, interface development, and more. By the end of this presentation, you’ll ready to implement Mercury with your team!

This presentation is perfect for Editorial teams and Developers.

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