• WordPress Brooklyn meetup has two tickets for sale to WordCamp NYC next weekend:

    * one (1) ticket for $35 or best offer

    * one (1) ticket for $30 or best offer

    First and best offer gets the tickets.

    Don’t wait to respond!

    Give me shout, “media2″ at-wpsecurity.com

    See you at WordCamp!



  • I am using the same function on my site and it works just fine. Simply follow the instructions that I have mentioned and let me know. Thanks.

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  • We have created a site whose default language is English. Now we need to create a BuddyPress group that will be used by Portuguese speakers. Another group using French is also being planned.

    We need the user to be able to change the language of the interface with the click of a button. We have looked at various multi language plugins but only one…[Read more]

  • Yes! WordPressTV have just posted video of a talk by our own Andrew Christian. His topic is “Choosing and Customizing WordPress Themes (no code required!)

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    Hi Michelle,

    LoudFeed is a two person consultancy offering the full spectrum of digital strategy, design and development services focused on WordPress and BuddyPress.

    We launched our first BuddyPress site in 2010 for the American Association of Independent Music and it is still running here: http://a2im.org/

    We also just finished a five month…[Read more]

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    Hi Michele, I have more than four years of experience in wordpress development, I can work on your project, can we schedule meeting on goto meeting ?

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    Has anyone here used a theme by Theme Foundry? If so, what do you think of them? How is their support?


  • Hello! I am working on rebuilding my website with Buddypress and am looking for someone I can contract with for a few hours to do some one-on-one troubleshooting as I work through the process. Either in person or meetings via something like go to meeting is fine. I am looking to have one consultation before I start to work to talk about how…[Read more]

  • I need a front end WP design (from wire framing to theme construction) and have a desired to further your proficiency on the back end development (plugins, API integration, hooks and filters, theme extensions).

    Initial Requirements:
    Wire framing – Grapple, Photoshop, GIMP, etc.
    HTML 5/CSS

  • Hi,

    I was using Buddypress Group Email Subscriptions, and I am having alot of trouble with it – I guess it’s because it’s no longer supported? I see it’s being used on this site.

    I therefore have some questions.

    1. Any ideas why emails to members are not formatted? My members just get one block of text.
    2. Any ideas why I can’t email all…[Read more]

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    Someone should delete this or at least improve it so folks know it was just a test post done as a demo during the app development June meetup…

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    Nice job @bmess

  • I figured it out. “action” has to be empty. So it looks like this:

    <form action="" method="post">

  • I am creating charts based on data provided by previously created Gravity form entries into pages.

    Now I want to allow the user to limit the information displayed. So I added input fields to the template and a jQuery datepicker. This all works, but I can’t figure out how to catch the user input.

    My jQuery is very…[Read more]

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  • this is not so much a wordpress specific question so i apologize but i couldnt find any miscellaneous forum on here and i know there’s a lot of people that deal with similar issues so… here it goes:

    for this site we’ve got three widgets in the footer that contain reviews. and since we don’t have (or at least don’t care to show) the…[Read more]

  • Hello, my name is Jennifer, and I am with Hudson County Community College. We are currently seeking an instructor for the fall semester who can teach a class called Blog Your Way to Fame with WordPress.

    We need a professional with at least a bachelor’s degree and significant experience and success with WordPress who is able to teach on Monday…[Read more]