• Hello,

    ClaimFame is looking for a PHP / WordPress Developer to help with our membership site!

    More info and apply via Media Bistro:


  • Patrick Ingle replied to the topic Seeking a WordPress Tutor in the forum Group logo of Job BoardJob Board 1 week ago

    I can assist you in teaching you to develop using Wordpress as framework.

    Please check out my public profile,
    Amazon publications with several geared towards Wordpress development,


    My Wordpress.org…[Read more]

  • jkay started the topic Seeking a WordPress Tutor in the forum Group logo of Job BoardJob Board 1 week ago

    I’m looking for someone to help me learn WordPress. I’m a developer but don’t have much experience with WordPress. The projects I’m working on will require things like custom PHP code, possible use of Pods plugin and/or custom fields, theme development….etc. The proper tutor would know WordPress from a developers standpoint and not just the…[Read more]

  • ================================
    I’m looking for help with modifying a BuddyPress-based site — starting with a BuddyPress-based theme and using existing BuddyPress/WordPress
    plug-ins. Reason, I don’t want to:

    (a) reinvent the wheel (which would require more time than necessary), or
    (c) get stuck in a too…[Read more]

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  • One of our largest Fortune 500 Entertainment/Sports clients is looking to hire a Sr. Level WordPress Developer ASAP! This individual must have experience developing custom plug-ins and themes within a WordPress/PHP Environment.

    Job Description:


    If this sounds like…[Read more]

  • hello wordpress community:
    i’m wondering how you lovely folks go about updating live wordpress sites (for review / approval) when working locally.
    of great concern is time spent on plugins, such as sliders with images / video, worked into site via admin backend.
    what is best way to push benchmark changes to live site for review and approval.
    thank you!

  • Hi everyone –

    I’m holding a workshop on Responsive CSS Layouts next Thursday – time to demystify floats and clearfixing once and for all! And get your hands dirty in a grid or three.

    The workshop will be hands-on and you’ll need a basic understanding of HTML/CSS. It’s also a great opportunity for back end developers to start sharpening their…[Read more]

  • we built this site roughly 2 months ago. using a wordpress sitemap plugin, sitemaps get submitted periodically to all big search engines. even if they don’t, one would think the search engines all would have crawled it by now.

    the problem is when someone does a GOOGLE search for “oakland nj diner”, the site doesn’t show up at all! but it does…[Read more]

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  • Vicente,

    Contact me to discuss your project.

    Are you using the WordPress media library or a plugin to upload images?

    Please provide a link to your current website, the name of your hosting provider and the version of WordPress you are running.

    Darin Roman
    Roman Creative

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  • I have a WordPress website (I have not yet upgraded to version 3.9.1) that needs:

    1. Fixes: For example, I am unable to upload a set of photos/images to the site. If I select 10 photos to upload, only two are actually uploaded.

    2. Upgrade: I have had the same look/template of my website for about six years. I am open to upgrading the look of…[Read more]

  • WordPress Brooklyn meetup has two tickets for sale to WordCamp NYC next weekend:

    * one (1) ticket for $35 or best offer

    * one (1) ticket for $30 or best offer

    First and best offer gets the tickets.

    Don’t wait to respond!

    Give me shout, “media2″ at-wpsecurity.com

    See you at WordCamp!



  • I am using the same function on my site and it works just fine. Simply follow the instructions that I have mentioned and let me know. Thanks.

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  • We have created a site whose default language is English. Now we need to create a BuddyPress group that will be used by Portuguese speakers. Another group using French is also being planned.

    We need the user to be able to change the language of the interface with the click of a button. We have looked at various multi language plugins but only one…[Read more]

  • Yes! WordPressTV have just posted video of a talk by our own Andrew Christian. His topic is “Choosing and Customizing WordPress Themes (no code required!)