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    Sheryl Blasnik


    I am looking to install a user controlled slide show that can be inserted into a post so a reader can use a right and left arrow button to advance through 20 slides. The slideshow needs to fit into a column width of 600px. I would like to be able to “batch” upload the photos and use captions below.

    Do not want a pop up lightbox.

    AND — The first slide in the slideshow needs to appear after my post is sent to my readers using Feedburner.

    Here is an example of what I would like:

    Any ideas? Thanks!!!

    Margarete Koenen

    I like Portfolio Slideshow. It displays the images in the WP gallery that is attached to your page or post. It pulls in the title and caption that you enter when uploading an image. You have a variety of choices for navigation and for size. It is fairly lightweight, easy to use and gives you a number of choices without overwhelming you. There is a free version and a pro version.

    Sheryl Blasnik

    Thanks Margarete

    Can you tell by the source code how this was done — This is what I want:

    Is Rachel using a plug-in or was this hand coded??

    D.K. Smith

    Looks like that page is using some type Lightbox. Hand coding was involved either way:

    – May have been built from scratch using or another jquery code.

    – Could be a plugin that’s been customized. Many lightbox plugins in the directory,

    What you’re looking for seems like custom work, unlikely that anything out-of-the-box does everything you want .

    Sheryl Blasnik

    What about a slideshow like the one on CNN???

    How is that one done??


    D.K. Smith

    That’s not a WordPress site however, the slideshow appears to be straight HTML (no jquery or javascript). Looks more complex to reproduce in WP than the gallery on Zoereport.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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