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site loading slow for certain visitors

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    Apparently some people that visit this site ( are experience a long delay (a few seconds) before the site BEGINS to load. I realize some of the images are oversized, but wouldnt that cause a delay AFTER the site starts loading? I havent been able to replicate it, despite viewing on every browser and multiple different computers. And having other people check on other computers.

    Do you notice any significant lag in load time? Please advise. Thanks.


    Try ySlow


    Thanks Steve. That’s a pretty neat tool. Gives a lot of good tips.

    Jonathan Goodman

    I analyzed your site using and it’s loading in 5 seconds with the test location at Dulles, VA using IE8 and around 6 seconds from San Jose using Chrome. Still if you wanted you could use to compress some of the larger images. It looks like telephone.png and printer-ink-delivery.jpg could be compressed. You can do further browser testing with to see if your site looks different depending on the browser version your users have. Good Luck.

    D.K. Smith

    The images Jonathan mentioned are a bit large but compressing them will likely not make much difference. The issue is more the large number of files (images, css, js and flash), rather than the size of any individual one. Converting many of the smaller images into a sprite will definitely help.

    You can try caching with a plugin or if you’re already using one, the cache expiration time needs to be longer (set to expire farther into the future) like 30 days.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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