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Image Widget not showing up in Portfolio Widget Section of theme on

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    Hi. I was at the MeetUp tonight. Great meeting. I learned a lot, including the fact that I could come here for support. 🙂

    So this is my query… I’m helping someone with her web site and she is using a Premium theme, Minimum Child, on I realize they have their own support but she does not remember getting info on how to access this. I wrote to them but I believe their response was that only with Genesis Framework do you get support – anyway I’m unclear and don’t have clarification on that as of yet.

    The theme has a Portfolio section (looks like this optimally: – the bottom row of thumbnail photos). I have followed the instructions on WordPress for installing the Image Widget in the Portfolio Widget section adding the file URL from the Media Library but nothing is showing up. I then tried pasting the photo HTML in the footer widget and that did show up but that’s not really how she wants it to look. The photos should really be higher up which is where the Portfolio Widget section is supposed to be (as shown on the demo version).

    Any ideas? Thank you!

    Kevin Cristiano


    The minimumtheme from StudioPress is designed to use the Genesis Featured Post Widget in the Portfolio widget area.

    You set it to show a number of posts from whatever category(ies) you want, and only display the post thumbnail.

    At least that is how it works on my .org site, I am not sure if this will apply to

    Have her get the StudioPress Login info their tutorial are a big help.


    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for responding and for this information! Much appreciated. So, if she wants to feature five of her photographs there in a strip not at the very bottom but further down on the page that don’t correspond to a post, it’s not set up for that? She is not having the site function as a blog but I could post the photos I suppose. Is that where they would show up?

    On this Minimum Child theme that they showcase, I assumed that those photos in a strip at the bottom come from the Portfolio Widget. Is that accurate?

    One last question — she should still get support even without having the Genesis Framework ? The person who wrote back to me was not entirely clear.

    Thank you!



    Hi Keith,

    So it turns out there is support – took me forever to get the straight answer from the theme folks – at It’s linked to the account of the person who purchased the theme and I now have access and I’ve logged in.

    It sounds like the version in works exactly like it does in – I’ve set everything up (as you wrote above and per the documentation) and my images are not showing. Is there something specific I have to set up in the Featured Image widget? – I did not set up a lot of specifications as to size, etc.

    Apparently when you buy the theme for you do not get the same access as when you purchase the self hosted version but there is some documentation at the premium theme support forum at


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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