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ecommerce plugin that knows NY state sales tax labyrinth

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    Kenneth Smith

    Can anybody recommend an ecommerce plugin that knows NY state sales tax labyrinth? Or do you know of a solution for this?

    Joly MacFie

    If you look at the vids from the ecommerce event a little while back there is some discusssion of sales tax

    Kenneth Smith

    Checking it out now, Joly. Many thanks.


    Ken– I would ask support for the top plugins/services:



    Or use a hosted service like ECWID

    Or a totally hosted solution like SHOPIFY

    Kenneth Smith

    I’ll look into these. Many thanks.

    Allan Pearlman

    Ken, unfortunately I don’t have an answer, but I do have a question: what did you find out re NYS sales tax processing? It is especially challenging, I think, because you can’t just set it up based on zip codes, as one zip code may span two counties with two different sales tax rates.

    Meanwhile, some shopping carts/payment processors are set up to do it by zip code (e.g., I think PayPal does that, and e-junkie does as well).

    Have you found a plugin or service that handles this? I think I would not be the only person to be really interested to know if you found service which handles this well. Please let me (us!) know. Thanks.

    Tom Hart

    I don’t know about plugins, but can tell you that in doing a lot of research administering an os commerce site you really have to go by zip code….though their are exceptions where zip codes cross taxing authorities they are few and far between.

    Kenneth Smith

    Here’s where we are at: We registered with to handle the taxes. They are a free service that partners w Shopp is $55 plus their TaxCloud plugin is $50. Haven’t done a test order yet. Waiting for USPS acct number.
    Was very surprised I couldn’t do this through PayPal. Their boards were full of people asking the same question. Unless I missed something.
    Being able to call TaxCloud was very helpful.

    Kenneth Smith

    Update. Finally got the Taxes to calculate correctly thanks to Dave of TaxCloud via actual telephone conversation. The USPS plugin was another $25. Took some time to get shipping for Canada correct. Fortunately Shopplugin has addons for both TaxCloud and USPS. Next issue is interfacing with the distribution company. Shopplugin has an Endicia ($50) addon as well.
    Here is the site: will repost when the store is finally open. PS Had a great site design, but then the client decided to do everything but the store via Facebook

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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