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Changing Domain Names?

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    David Bressler


    Was wondering if someone could help me. I have a situation where I have an existing domain name / wordpress installation, and I’d like to change the domain name. The WordPress installation / location / content all remain the same, in the same hosting location (

    The domain names are hosted on GoDaddy.

    The site is We have, and we’d like that to be the “main” URL. (We will redirect yourlifeyoursex to greatlifegreatsex.

    I think these are the steps I need to take, but wanted to know if someone else has experience, and can let me know if I’m missing anything. I’d had to lose access to my site because the domains aren’t routing properly.

    On GoDaddy:

    1. Turn forwarding off on
    2. Set the name servers on the domain to’s.
    3. On my wordpress instance – in general/settings change wordpress URL from to
    4. Forward domain to

    I will continue to own both domains, and the site is relatively new. So, if there is content in the database that’s fully qualified, delays in forward from one domain to the other are fine. Also, any SEO history that is not kept is fine as well.

    Am I missing anything? Is the order of doing things above correct? Any online documentation for this, I’ve not found anything complete enough. Any suggestions? (other than do a complete backup before starting! – you were all going to say that, right? ;-).

    Many thanks in advance,



    In most cases I believe changing the domain in GENERAL > SETTINGS, should work. (back up your db first)

    If you find there are problems then you will need to change it everywhere in the database:
    -backup your db!
    -use this plugin to make mass db changes:

    Good luck!

    Chris Carvey

    This problem is one everyone wrestles with: check out some tips here:

    David Bressler

    Thanks guys. I appreciate the tips.

    It’s worked out for me this time.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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