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Seeking similar functioning music website…any developers have ideas?

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    Darin Roman

    Hello fellow WP fanatics, designers & developers,

    I am an amateur to moderate WordPress designer/developer currently working on a website for a musician client.

    Upon exploring desired website functionality, my client and I found the implementation on this website to be very close to what we would like to achieve: LessThan3.

    You’ll notice that the posts include track listings, each with a ‘play’ & ‘add to playlist link’, that begin to stream or add to the track que respectively. They send the request to a JavaScript media player that is positioned at the bottom of the browser window and streams music uninterrupted as a visitor browses the website and adds tracks to the playlist. Furthermore, there is a link associated with each track in the media player that, in turn, opens the full post associated with the track for commenting.

    I realize this is more of a general web development query, however, the LessThan3 website is also built on WordPress. This is, in my opinion, one of the smoothest blog/music website implementations I’ve experienced. I am comfortable delving into code and figuring things out, however, have not dealt with this type of situation before.

    – Can anyone give me some insight on how I would achieve something similar?

    – Can you determine if the uninterrupted media player is utilizing iframes, javascript div toggling or another method?

    Thank you,


    Darin Roman

    Steve, thanks for the feedback at the meetup.

    I think I’ve figured out where to start. I’m not sure why I did not notice before, but it seems the header, footer and fixed position media player are unaffected as all the content in between is loaded dynamically via AJAX/jQuery. You’ll notice a loading page… message at the top right when navigating through the website.

    I suddenly remembered; Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks and Digging into WordPress covered these techniques in a couple of screencasts he posted over a year ago:

    #81 AJAXing a WordPress Theme

    #84 Site Walkthrough of

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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