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    First of all, just wanted to say I really enjoyed the Meetup event yesterday at NYC Poly. The 4 services you guys pulled together were great.

    So, now I want to learn how to change things in WP on a deeper level – I can change bits and pieces here and there, but most times I just break things and have to reinstall WP and start all over again.

    What do I need to study in order to understand the back end of WP? I figure CSS is one. PHP is another? What else?

    I am considering taking the Web Develpment Certificate classes at Baruch, which includes:
    Building sites with HTML and CSS
    Javascript & AJAX
    PHP & MySQL

    It seems like a good foundation. What’s your opinion? Waste of time/money?
    Thank you all!



    CSS, PHP and HTML are a good start. Eventually, you may want to learn jQuery and Ajax to do some cool, fun stuff.

    Any one of these books should help


    Thanks, Steve.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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