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URGENT: Seeking super SOCCER fan WordPress forms expert for help with important pro soccer lobbying

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    Patrick Shields

    I’m searching for a big soccer fan based in New York City who is expert in WordPress willing to help with a very important pro soccer lobbying campaign regarding pro soccer in New York City. Three main components:
    1.) Allow visitors to send a pre-written letter to elected officials and others stating their support for an initiative I will describe to you. (approximately ten to twenty officials at their office’s public e-mail).
    2.) Save, store and arrange the contact data of those visitors who send mail for later use, and contact. In searchable fashion if possible.
    3.) Tabulate total numbers of mails sent in multiple categories to be decided upon, to be displayed publicly on the site. These categories could be buttons for the users to choose from before sending their forms.
    4.) One form should be able to be sent to all of the e-mail addresses in a single push.
    I will be at WordCamp NYC all Saturday and Sunday (shooting video on Saturday, and attending the novice workshop on Sunday). If interested reach out by e-mail. There is no money available at this time, but if you are not pressed I would be happy to arrange for a reasonable deferred payment if successfully implemented. Hoping the soccer angle interests you, it is an important and urgent initiative.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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