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set up wordpress functionality for small business – simple

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    Wordpress: (I realize that many of the pictures didn’t show up in this post – please email and I will send you over a phd which has the illustrations)

    Looking for someone to give direction in buying a themes, widget, and plugin as well as setting up the basics to our wordpress.

    We are a company that sells information products, such as live training as well as recorded full webinars training that our client access through a back office on our site.

    We offer a free webinar, were we pitch our products.

    Our site will not have a blog, but we want the option to have one later.

    The sample sites are the following.

    The site will have a banner and a sidebar like the following two sites (our web designer will create the banner that goes across)

    The banner will appear on all pages, and the sidebar will appear on some of the pages.

    There will be 6-10 tabs


    These tabs will not have a directory, they will go directly to webpages.

    At the end of the tabs there will be a link to our Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter feed. The pictures will be small ?


    The first item in the sidebar will be a web-form that looks like:


    with a small description above of what the free webinar is all about.
    Underneath the webinar forms will be pictures with links to our main product pages

    I got the web-form idea from or


    There will be a main product page will look like:

    this page will be like jonathanbudd’s it will have short summaries of each product with a click here for more which will lead to sales page for


    Each product sales page will be look like

    unlike we will not have the top bar that leads to other webpages.

    The main link on this page will be to our shopping cart.
    Just like there will be no side bar on the product page

    There will be a few more pages:
    An about Max page which will have the sidebar

    A free webinar page that will look like or

    What we are asking from you:

    to guide us on a theme, widgets, and plugins that will help us set a page that is scalable and that if the theme were to change that it would not mess with the infrastructure of the pages.
    That you set up the basics of the page. There will be no graphics done by you. We have an in house web designer and graphic artist.
    The you give us a quick tutorial that will get us on our way to understanding the functionalities of wordpress and best practices.

    Mark Urquhart

    Would love to help out. Send me a message

    Margarete Koenen

    Hi Zenaidalo,

    I just stumbled across your post. It’s already two weeks old and maybe you have already gotten all the help you are looking for.

    I still want to point out that much of the functionality you are looking for is already built into WordPress. The website is built with Fresh News, a theme by WooThemes. WooThemes creates very nice and reliable themes. I would recommend them highly.

    For the form you should use Gravity Forms. The plugin includes a widget that allows you to place your form in the sidebar.

    You can embed a video in any page or post by simply uploading it and pasting the URL into your post or page. You can also use a simple plugin that might provide a nicer player.

    Let me know if you need any more help.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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