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Question re: ethics of reporting someone seeking an "Expert WP Developer"

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    Dr Ron Suarez

    What would you do if you had an experience with someone looking for an “Expert WP Developer” and they took hours of your time to end up with 30 minutes of billable time?

    Developers beware and don’t invest a lot of time until you know you’re going to be paid for your time with a reasonable ratio of time talking to time billing!

    D.K. Smith

    Hi Ron,

    Rarely have I been so split on how to respond to a post.

    On one hand, after sixteen years of freelancing in SEO and web development… that’s right, 16 years… I can smell a time-sucking leech via email. No need for talking.

    So upon first reading your post, I didn’t have much sympathy for you.

    On the other hand, I have great empathy for how you’re feeling,

    For all the younger professionals and newbies who read this board however; let’s explore some…

    “A-B-C’s on Dealing With Time Wasters” – written by an instructor in Pratt’s Center for Design Entreprenuership program.

    A: IMHO and practice, there is very little to talk about after a few to-the-point emails with a prospective client. 1. What do you need? 2. When do you need it? 3. Here’s who I am, what I’ve done, and what I can do for you. 4. Here’s how much your project will cost. 5. When do you want to get started?

    Note: last part of #3, “what I can do for you” is written in big-picture toplines only. No details unless you pay for them. The minute too many questions start coming in, I let prospects know that I’m happy to help them figure out what they need… for a fee of $XYZ.

    B: Read bullet #5 here, which I wrote in 2010: Top 10 Things I’ve Learned from SEO Consulting,

    And this post, Things Clients Say… and What They Truly Mean

    C: There are several “professional” designers on this board who post job requests and questions… who are looking for free advice that they no doubt charge their clients for. Or at least make themselves look good using your knowledge.

    Maybe we should start calling them out by name? Or use some of the resources out there, like the Freelancers Union client scorecard

    BTW, I am member #one-fifty-something out of around a million Freelancers Union members:

    Subject: Freelancers Union Member Registration
    From: “Freelancers Union Member Services”
    Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006

    D. As professionals it is our duty to educate ourselves for the benefit of our cleitns and our industry. Pratt’s CDE program is excellent and you can take individual classes.

    I also emailed Steve about doing a “Professional Business Practices” meetup. Hopefully he can get me scheduled soon, so I can share some of what I teach at Pratt with my WP peers.

    In closing…

    I hope this is helpful. It took me all day to choke back my outrage and write something that hopefully is useful.

    I cannot stand time-wasting leeches. Could you tell? Several of them who regularly use this website have really P—ED me off, as I don’t like wasting even 20 minutes writing a few emails.

    Hmmm… maybe we should call them out by name here.

    Or join the Freelancers Union and use their client scorecard, which has far wider reach.

    D.K. Smith

    Pardon typos and mis-formatting above. I’m up late managing a team that’s working on a hacked enterprise WP site and linux server, both of which must go live at 5:00am.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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