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BuddyPress collaboration site (will requirestateful/lifecycle aspects to it) …

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    I’m looking for help with modifying a BuddyPress-based site — starting with a BuddyPress-based theme and using existing BuddyPress/WordPress
    plug-ins. Reason, I don’t want to:

    (a) reinvent the wheel (which would require more time than necessary), or
    (c) get stuck in a too *custom* solution that someone else can’t manage.

    A few specifics:
    – Duration 2 to 3 weeks.

    – If you want to recommend a BP-based theme to start with once you
    understand the sites’s purpose and needs, I’m willing to listen.
    But I already have one that I purchased.

    – The site will reqire stateful & lifecycle aspects to it — that is,
    things that come into and out of existance automatically based on
    conditions and triggers. So someone who knows how to do stateful
    design is necessary.

    And since there is this lifecycle/statefulness, candidates must
    be comfortable with back-end technologies (e.g. MySQL). They should also
    have a firm grasp of best-practices (backend, middle, fronted, top,
    bottom). Experience is a must.

    Other requirements:
    – Must be in NYC Tri-State area, and willing to collaborate closely
    with me for the 2 to 3 to 4 weeks this will take.

    – My last WordPress person had excellent best-practices skills and would
    advise me when or when not to do something, and explain exactly why.
    This is something I would want in a BP/WP developer. I am extremely
    technical, just not into WP.

    – I will want to speak with prospective candidates to articulate the project and see if there is a mutual match (I want you to like and be excited about it, too — it leads to better outcomes). 🙂

    Basically… I’m just looking for someone like myself, who
    hits the home run and always over-delivers as a matter of pride and
    love in the work that they do. :). This has to be executed well.

    Thanks and good luck!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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