WP Rig: create, responsive, progressive, AMP ready themes

July 8, 2019

WP Rig is a modern WordPress starter theme and build process bundled into one convenient package. It helps you create beautiful, lightning-fast WordPress themes with exciting user experiences that meet the latest web standards.

You write modern PHP, CSS, and JavaScript, WP Rig lints, optimizes, and minifies your code to make the theme–and the site it runs on–as performant as possible.

WP Rig 2.0 is nearing completion and we are excited to show off the newest features in WP Rig. Improved CSS support including CSS variables making “Light” and “Dark” themes an easy to use configuration option. Parent Theme development. Live development of PHP fragments in your themes. Add to homescreen and other PWA functionality. AMP Plugin and PWA plugin support.

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