WordPress as a CMS: Tips and Tricks from eMusic

March 19, 2013

eMusic started transitioning to WordPress as their web front-end in 2011. Like most enterprise sites, they had outgrown their closed-source CMS and were looking for ways to speed up development and empower their editorial team. They decided to convert their Java back-end to Java-based Web Services, and their front-end to PHP, using WordPress for publishing, merchandising, web configuration, and service consumption. The site now boasts one of the best implementations of “WordPress as a CMS” and scales to many millions of page views a month.

Scott Taylor led eMusic through this transition. eMusic is music discovery service, previously subscription-only, which enables its subscribers to discover and purchase music at a discounted rate. Its recently-launched “A la Carte” service allows visitors to download albums and track without a subscription. eMusic has been around since 1998 and was one of the first services to champion the MP3 format and DRM-free downloading.

Scott’s presentation will be a walk-through/case-study of eMusic’s WordPress implementation, and he’ll also share some tricks of the trade for managing many custom post types, regionalizing content, and easily integrating with services like AWS.

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