The Magic of Custom Post Types

October 18, 2011

Custom Post Types were introduced in WordPress 3.0 and they changed the way theme and plugin developers think about and use WordPress.

Custom post types allow us to extend WordPress’ functionality and manage content like never before. Before 3.0, we were forced to use and remember a number of custom fields, or use tons of categories in order to push WordPress into a CMS-like territory. These days, though, it’s much easier, thanks to custom post types and custom taxonomies. In true Nettuts+ fashion, join Jeffrey Way as he builds a demo app live from scratch. Along the way, he’ll teach you everything you need to know about custom post types.

About The Speaker:

Jeffrey Way is a web developer who works for Envato as the editor of Nettuts+, and as an evangelist for the immensely popular marketplaces, ThemeForest and CodeCanyon. He’s the creator of Prefixr, and co-writer of “Wicked WordPress Themes”, When not working with WordPress, he can be found chipping his way into the Ruby on Rails world.

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Originally presented at theĀ WordPressNYC Meetup.

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