Services That Make Your Site Awesome!

April 26, 2011

Keep your readers engaged with DISQUS commenting:

The WordPress commenting system works well, but is relatively basic. Disqus takes commenting to a new level. The service makes commenting easier and more interactive, while connecting websites and commenters across hundreds of thousands of thriving discussion communities. Sample features include nested contextualization, reputation scoring, real-time updating, community leaderboards, universal profiles and activity streams, single sign-on capability, community analytics, social authentication, sharing and aggregation, granular and automated moderation controls, custom theming…and much more.

Create content easier (and better) with ZEMANTA:

Zemanta is a blogger’s best friend. It is a service that makes the process of creating content simpler and easier. Zemanta processes the text as it is written and suggested related links, terms and images that can be added and linked to. To help with search engine optimization, Zemanta also suggests tags to be added to the content. Additionally, if you blog about books, music, politics, movies, travel, technology, lifestyle, sports, business or fun a family blog, Zemanta connects to various services that make your writing even richer.

Increase your pageviews, keep your readers longer, and make some money with NRELATE:

The best related content plugin ever! Do you want to increase your pageviews by 5%-12% in three minutes? Just install nrelate’s related content plugin, and they will keep readers on your site longer by suggesting other posts they might enjoy reading. Or if you like, you can tell nrelate to also include partner websites in the related content, driving traffic to other sites you or your business associates own. With a ton of features and options, nrelate makes it easy for you to personlize the plugin. nrelate also has an advertising option that can make you money, so sign up now!

iPhone and Android apps made simple, with SHOUTEM:

You don’t need to know how to code to get a mobile app for your website. ShoutEm is built for ordinary people who have no coding skills but would like to have rich mobile apps around their websites, organizations, groups and various different businesses. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for the development of a mobile application, ShoutEm Mobile Application Builder enables a simple and affordable way for anybody to have their mobile apps in iTunes AppStore and Android Marketplace.

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