Oh No, I’ve Been Hacked! Live Case Study.

February 24, 2014

You installed some DIY security and installed a security plugin, but your site got hacked anyway!

Whether you’re a website owner, a development professional or somewhere in between, you do not want your site to get hacked.  It takes lots of time and effort to restore a site after an attack, if it can be restored.

D.K. Smith will present methods for repairing hacked sites in a LIVE case study!

One of his company’s honeypot sites was hacked.  We’ll get to peek over D.K’s shoulder as he works on it live:

  •  the very first thing you should do.
  •   #1 thing you shouldn’t do!
  •  how to create your own WordPress emergency response plan
  •  essential clean-up tools
  • steps to restore hacked sites and why your backups may be useless
  • hacker hangouts and insights on how they go about exploits

D.K. will go through the clean-up step-by-step and share tips on how to determine an appropriate repair process, along with details on important decision points.

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