Increase your Site Speed, Ranking & Sense of Accomplishment with HTTPS/HTTP2

August 15, 2017

Many of us have heard that moving to HTTPS is now the new standard; you know, that little green lock you see to the left of your url. For the longest time, the main reason do to this was for security purposes. Quite often you’ll see that little green lock while you are on a checkout page, and you should, but now we should be putting this on all our sites. The reason why is becuase of the new release of HTTP/2. There are many reasons to move to HTTP/2, but the main one is speed. Speeding up your site also increases your Google Ranking and they also only launch certain features for HTTPS websites. During this talk, I’ll go over the process of moving to the HTTPS and HTTP/2 combo so you can do this on your own as well.

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