How WordPress Works: The Bootup Process

November 22, 2011

Back in August, while staring at Twitter, one tweet caught my attention. It was from Mark Jaquith, one of the lead developers of WordPress, and he mentioned an “epic post” about WordPress.  Well, if Mark called a post about WordPress “epic”, then I thought I better check it out… and I’m glad I did.   The post detailed the WordPress Initialization process, from start to finish, and it was truly “epic”.  So, what else could I do…  I invited the author to present at our Meetup!

From Index.php to Index.php:
When each page of your website loads, the WordPress core runs through a series of files, to make hundreds of functions available, before it even gets to your theme and plugin files. In this presentation we’ll walk step by step through the WordPress initialization process, from the core index.php to your theme’s index.php, to try and discover where most of the more fundamental features and functionality comes from. If you customize or create themes, or build plugins to provide the features you think are missing, it’s vital that you understand how WordPress “boots up” so you can be sure you’re correctly taking advantage of everything it offers. How does WordPress core take the initial page request and give back such beautiful web pages?

About the Speaker:
Dominic Giglio is a computer science student at CUNY and open source enthusiast who tries to split any remaining free time he has to learning about WordPress, Ruby and helping people get the most out of technology through his tech support company, Universal Technology Advisors. He’s been developing WordPress sites for the past 3 years and was just recently bitten by the Ruby bug. He blogs about WordPress and other nonsense at

Notes from this presentation can be found at the

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