Enterprise Features for Small Businesses Running WordPress

March 2, 2018

WordPress powers an astonishing 29% of all websites on the Internet, yet the overwhelming majority of those sites don’t take full advantage of today’s IT systems. In the Enterprise, secured internal communications (using S/MIME or PGP), centralized user directories (CAS using LDAP), and transparent security automation (CDN integrity checks with W3C’s HTML5 SRI attributes) are already recognized as important features for business continuity, disaster recovery planning, and more. Although marketed as “pro” features, businesses of all sizes-even sole proprietorships-can benefit from implementing these best practices. And you can do it all for free, with WordPress.

In this session, join Free Software developer Meitar “maymay” Moscovitz as they demo several small but important WordPress plugins that adds “Enterprise” features to WordPress-powered websites of all sizes.

Each of these plugins are Multisite-compatible and offer WordPress websites capabilities that have normally been reserved for large multinationals. Now, using WordPress and a careful selection of quality plugins, even small shops can take advantage of the same features that multinationals have access to. And you can do it all without impacting your budget by a single dime.

Presentation: https://wpnyc.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Enterprise-Features-for-Small-Businesses-Running-WordPress.pdf

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