Coding for the Masses (Advanced WordPress theme + framework Development)

January 17, 2012

Building WordPress websites from scratch is so old-school. There are tons of themes and frameworks that you can build on… or you can build your own. This talk goes into the trials and tribulations of developing a platform / product based on Darcys work at Themify. As a basis, the Themify framework, itself, has gone through multiple revisions in order to be an accessible, robust, solid solution to build themes on. Using his framework and themes as example, Darcy lays out how to optimize and build scalable and reusable themes and theme frameworks. Darcy will dive into both the front and back-end providing insights on key features that have driven their success.

About our Speaker: Darcy Clarke is a Developer, Designer & User Experience Advocate based out of New York, NY. He is the Co-Founder of Themify a Commercial WordPress theme company, and is currently a Senior Developer at Fantasy Interactive and a member of the jQuery Team. Darcy’s work has been featured in publications such as: .Net Mag, Web Designer Mag, Applied Arts and Smashing Magazine.

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