Building Powerful Websites and Web Applications with Piklist

September 17, 2013

At Matt’s “State of the Word” presentation at WordCamp San Francisco this year, he announced the results of 30,000 person survey about WordPress usage… only 6% of users use WordPress as a pure blogging system. That leaves 94% of users kicking WordPress up a notch… Piklist helps you do that.

In this presentation, we will demonstrate how you can build powerful Websites or even a Web Application with WordPress, using the Piklist framework.
• Easily add fields to your Custom Post Type, Taxonomy, User Profile and Settings Pages.

• Build Widgets with just a little bit of code.

• Create your own Dashboard Widgets.

and so much more…

We’ll walk through a Contact Management system built with Piklist and show you how you can easily customize it to your specific needs.

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