BuddyPress 1.5: Overview, New Features and Installation Demo

August 16, 2011

BuddyPress is a WordPress plugin that lets you add social networking features – friend connections, user groups, interactive activity streams, private messaging, and more – to your WordPress site. BuddyPress is a great solution for any sort of group looking to add a social dimension to their site: businesses, non-profits, schools, community groups, and so on.  This site, wpnyc.org, is built on BuddyPress.

A few weeks ago, the BuddyPress team announced the first beta of its long-awaited next feature release: BuddyPress 1.5. The first major release from the team in over a year, BP 1.5 contains several brand new features that make it easier to use and develop for (including integration of WordPress’s custom menus into the BuddyPress Default theme, a brand new installation/upgrade wizard, and a BP_Core_Component class for plugin developers), in addition to hundreds of smaller bug fixes and improvements, making BP 1.5 the best BuddyPress yet.

Boone Gorges, one of the three core developers on the BuddyPress project, will be giving a brief introduction to BuddyPress (for the uninitiated!), followed by a discussion of some of the new features and improvements in BuddyPress 1.5. Whether you’ve never used BuddyPress before, or you’re a developer who wants to learn more about BP 1.5, there’ll be something for you.

Originally presented at the WordPressNYC Meetup.

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