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    Tim Beckett


    I have a client who recently decided to expand her e-commmerce section. Until recently, she only had a couple of products, which I handled through the ‘wp simple shopping cart’ I built several custom store pages, following her designs.

    Recently she announced she wants to significantly expand her store to 50 – 60 items so I’m looking at other options, including ecwid, shopp, woocommerce and wp e-commerce. It’s important that I be able to style the generated product pages to follow the original design and wp e-commerce seems to be the easiest to style. I’ve read some concerns about wp e-commerce and wanted to be sure it would be the right choice.

    Anyone have any thoughts on what ecommerce plugin would be both robust and easy to style? Essentially I want to create a custom theme around an ecommerce plugin.



    Jonathan Goodman

    Hey Tim,

    I’ve used WP-Ecommerce to build out sites but I’ve never restyled the entire theme to look like anything specific. Have you watched all the videos for WP-Ecommerce. Check it out they might help:

    D.K. Smith

    Hi Tim,

    IMHO, I suggest you avoid WP-Ecommerce like the plague… see this ecommerce thread,

    Tim Beckett

    Thanks for your replies gents – since both sites are pretty simple for now, I scaled back a bit. thanks for the link DK, I decided to use the fatfreecart (which I found in the thread) for the time being and expand later if and when they expand their product range.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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