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    Vincent Gentile

    Hello wpnyc – My client is complaining about the speed of her site……it always pops up fine for me. Can you tell me if this is too slow …or…any recommendations on making it faster. In calling the host, they say its a 78…? and average.


    fyi – I don’t have a caching plugin installed (had problems in the past but maybe I need to do this)


    It loads fast, not only for me, but for the two speed test sites that I searched.

    The second one did spit out a few things that might optimize the page, but nothing that should really be affecting her page load.

    D.K. Smith

    Loading very fast on our speed tests.

    There’s one missing image, which does slow it down a tiny bit, …associate/images/gray/navA-line.png

    Have you asked the client to flush their browser cache/temp-files/etc and reboot?

    Vincent Gentile

    Thank You Andrew & DK……She says the site is taking over a minute to load…? I did explain the cache issues and even gave her instructions on flushing her dns.

    Thank You for the feedback….at least I know its functioning properly.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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