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wordpress blog was hacked

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    any tips?

    apparently my host tells me my wp_comments and wp_posts tables are producing spam – which is kind of greek to me – I can login to my sql manager and see the wp_posts and wp_comments tables and even browse all the entries – but how do I find what is producing the spam?

    any advice? / recommendations for wordpress developers that clean blogs?


    -are there any registered users that don’t look familiar? The best way is to check the users table in mysql.
    -do you have open registration on?
    -what version of WP are you running?
    -are all your plugins up to date?

    Joly MacFie

    It may not help, but you could try the exploit scanner plug-in – it doesn’t go into the mysql AFAIK but it will pick up anything odd in the rest of your code.


    Sorry if this seems obvious, but sometimes in a panic, one can forget about easy solutions… If you have local backups, or if your host keeps previous versions on server, can you try to restore files and database to some time before you got hacked? Even if you lose some recent comments, etc., it may be the easiest route.

    Joe Harkins

    You can help yourself on this by doing one full download using the control panel supplied by your host (my hosting clients get cPanel) and them installing a plugin that does automatic database backups.

    I like the one @

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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