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What are the rules for acceptable user names?

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    Dr Ron Suarez

    Every result I found in a Google search led to a Forum topic with many comments, but no actual answers and then the topic got closed!

    Joly MacFie

    May I ask, Ron, what brings you to ask the question?


    Dr Ron Suarez

    I’ve been witnessing problems with people being able to register, so I want to highlight what they should and should not try to enter for a user name. Margarete just told me that WordPress Multisite has some different rules.

    Eric Lewis

    You’re right, they are different for single site vs. multisite.

    Single site allows alphanumeric characters, _, space, ., -, and @ in usernames. Usernames are limited to 60 characters.

    Multisite allows only alphanumeric characters. Usernames must be at least 4 characters, and less than 60. Usernames cannot be in the “illegal names” list (www, web, root, etc.)

    Jeremy’s comment here has some lower-level detail.

    We hope to remove some of these differences in 4.6 (see #17904).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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