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Strange Frame showing up in header area?

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    Sheryl Blasnik

    I suddenly have developed this very strange issue with a rectangular gray colored frame showing up at the TOP of my blog when I click into a single post?

    I just published a new post and this is the third time I have seen it?

    Have a look:

    I did recently add some plug-ins but did not activate most of the newly added plug-ins

    I activated DM slideshow but did not create a slideshow and deactivated it BEFORE I wrote this last post?

    What is this weird thing? It shows up in both Safari and Firefox on my MAC.



    @Sheryl Blasnik– Using Firebug, you can see that it has something to do with Facebook Connect.

    Sheryl Blasnik


    I do not have Facebook Connect in my plug-ins

    I did have Facebook Share so I deleted the plug-in all together but still getting the gray frame on top ???

    Should I switch to a different social media plug-in?




    @Sheryl Blasnik– One of your plugins is placing Facebook code in the header.
    1. Deactivate as many plugins as you are comfortable.
    2. Delete your cache, and turn off Super Cache.
    3. Confirm that the border is gone.
    4. Reactivate each plugin to find the one that causing the problem.
    5. Reactivate Super Cache.

    Sheryl Blasnik

    OK — Will give this a try tonight — Thanks for your help Steve!!!

    Sheryl Blasnik

    It might have been both of the social media plug-ins I was using

    I turned off pretty much everything — I am using Sociable for now but I really do not care for it

    Looking for a plug-in that will put the Twitter & Facebook Counter icons at the top of my posts? Any suggestions

    Can you click around my blog and check that the problem has gone away before I turn the plug-ins back on

    Have not reactivated Super Cache yet — Just want to be sure I found the culprit first

    Thank You


    @Sheryl Blasnik–- clicked around… looks like you found the issue!

    Sheryl Blasnik

    Thank you Steve — Starting to slowly activate each plug-in and so far all is well — Yeah!!!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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