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Plugins for separate Functions/Role Access or Multisite

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    Susan Rodriguez

    Looking for some feedback…

    I have a small site that is now growing and I need to seperate access for the management of a plugin for job tracking.

    I installed 2 plugins Member and Adminize, that with both, seem to allow me to create a specific role and deactivate job tracking for certain users and activate it for others. It appears to work, but feels like overkill and cumbersome.

    I am wondering whether setting up the site as a multisite wordpress install with the 2nd site as the job tracking site only( i.e. would be a better approach ? The job tracking admin would, I believe have direct access to manage that but the main site admins/editors would not.

    I would appreciate any thoughts on either.


    Margarete Koenen

    It is hard to recommend anything without knowing your exact needs. Multisite seems to be even more overkill though. Could you create a subdomain, for the job tracking part?

    I am wondering if you wouldn’t want someone who is a member in the ‘main’ site to be also a member of the job tracking site? Neither subdomain nor multisite would do that. So, the plugins you are using seem the best solution. Once they are configured you should not have to worry about them much any more.



    Hi Susan,

    If I’m understanding your post correctly, you have people working on a job tracking plugin and you want to be able to control who accesses the management features of that plugin.

    If that’s correct, then I suggest making that a feature of the plugin. If I were designing that plugin, I would:

    – create an admin menu within the plugin visible only to the site admin (or only to the super admin if you’re running multisite)

    – create a submenu within that admin menu. That submenu would lists all users with a checkbox next to their names allowing you to grant/remove access to the plugin’s admin screen. This menu would only be visible to admins (or the super admin if multisite).

    – create a second submenu with only the management features in it. This would be visible only to approved users, whose names were checked by the previously defined menu.

    Make sense? Or did I misunderstand your post?

    Here’s the drawback of using more than one other plugin to do this: each time either of those plugins gets updated, you will need to retest your setup to make sure they still “play well” together. You basically have a single feature dependent on multiple sources, which is tough to manage (unless they’re all managed in-house). If you can’t find the feature in a single plugin, it is sometimes best to get it custom coded.


    — Nabeel

    Susan Rodriguez

    @Margarettte what I am looking for is seperation from the main site for job tracking. The two purposes and thus “sites” are really sepearate, but within the same organization if that makes sense. I might stick with the plugins for now. but heeding what @Nabeel mentions

    Thanks for the message also. I didn’t develop the job tracking plugin ( and right now due to time/experience can’t expand on it). For the very short term, I will probably go with the 2 plugins and look for a custom solution down the road.

    Thanks for the feedback, just helps sometimes to share

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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