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Newbie Questions- Weird version problem & messy CSS question

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    Dawn Reel

    When I use Firebug to see the CSS code I need to modify my WordPress page I see, in the right column under the tab “Style,”

    name of tag on left, on the right it says “style.css?ver=8 (line x)

    x being a number

    Two questions. What is happening here?!

    (1) it seems like when I try to update the CSS file using’s Dashboard interface it is creating different versions and I can’t figure out which one I’m on. How can I see all the different versions and kill them all forever!

    (2) If I only edit and update the CSS file, style.css, via FileZilla will that keep me from having all these confusing versions in the future?

    Last question, (3) my style.css file has SO many different entries for the same tag. Even body has like 5 different entries, it seems like such messy coding. I’m using a Woo Theme (Headlines) that I’m volunteering to edit for a nonprofit, not one I coded myself, and I’m surprised how seemingly unorganized the stylesheet is. If I made it myself I’d wouldn’t just slap another tag onto the bottom, I’d combine them for neatness. Am I missing something here? This nonprofit actually paid for this theme (Headlines), I’m surprised. Are WooThemes to be avoided? Are WordPress commercial themes coded differently than regular HTML 5 themes & is there a section on “best practices” in the Codex?

    Thanks, I’m familiar with HTML, but a WordPress newbie and not getting the “big picture”!

    Margarete Koenen

    Woo themes are actually very good.

    Instead of altering the code of your theme you should create a child theme to your Woo theme. There is a lot of information on child themes in the WordPress codex ( and Woo themes has detailed instructions at


    We also have some videos on this site as well 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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