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Newbie hosting question

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    Dawn Reel

    I have been hosting several very small sites for friends on a shared hosting plan I have. I was inspired by the last Meetup to move to WP Multisite, and probably Reseller hosting, but not getting enough traffic that I need to… until yesterday.

    The website I did for a NYC Congressional candidate, Charles Barron, (radical independent, not Democrat), got shut down by my host for using up too much room on the shared hosting server. One tech said if I installed WP Supercache plugin it might fix the issue, as the front page is “hitting the server” too much. His supervisor said I needed to buy more robust “Dedicated Hosting.” Their cheapest plan is $245/month and with a discount, $718 for three months.

    I realize the $100 personal hosting account I have now is no longer realistic! But, I can’t believe the price jump is so high for just this one site. Any ballpark ideas for how much this should cost? The host is Lunarpages and they’ve always been great in the past. Thanks for any feedback.


    @Dawn– I doubt you need to pay $245 a month. You can get cloud servers or VPS for $100 easy. Either way you really should implement caching. Either WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache.

    Here’s a thread on hosting plans as well.

    Chris Carvey

    Check out my comments on another hosting thread: I would call up at least five companies and explain your situation and compare their responses.

    If I had to single out one idea it would be a Signature VPS from plus Steve’s plugin suggestions above. That should be way more than you need at $90 per month. You can also upgrade or downgrade easily after some traffic testing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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