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    Wil LeBlanc

    We are a political data aggregator and technology startup site about to go into beta. Our WP site has crashed and network server guy is MIA. We need a WordPress and network server person to give us about 5 to 10 hours of their time to solve some issues. Unfortunately, we are no willing to pay 150 hr which prorates to 310k per annum. Anyone with the knowledge base and willing to help please feel free to contact me.

    Jonathan Goodman

    Maybe your server guy went MIA cause someone offered him $150/hr.

    D.K. Smith

    Ditto Jonathan’s sentiments!

    How much does your auto mechanic charge? Mine gets $85 per hour.

    What about your plumber? My 25-year relationship plumber charges me $95/hour… but new customers pay $125/hour.

    Forget attorneys; $300, 350, $400 per hour! How often do they add anything to your bottom line?

    But NO, we’re not going to pay a top WP professional $150 per hour to save our butts!

    Wake up folks… it’s past time to stop quoting hourly rates.

    Small mindedness like the inquiry above is what “hourly rates” lead to.



    Stop cutting your own throat by under-pricing your services:



    It’s not about how much per hour… it’s about the VALUE ADDED by someone’s skill sets.

    Bottom line: need a highly skilled professional… pay an appropriate fee!

    You get what you pay for… or IMHO, that’s how it should be.

    Dr Ron Suarez

    Wil, when you offer 5 to 10 hours of work you cannot say that 150 hr prorates to 310k per annum. That only happens if you’re actually paying that rate for full time work.

    $150 an hour is what I have to pay for someone to come onto my team for a few hours to do this kind of work. That same person would get around $125K a year if they worked full time in NYC doing this sort of work.

    Virtually no one who charges these rates works 40 hours a week earning $150 an hour. They are generally spending additional time doing research that is not billable or doing other types of work that command lower hourly rates.

    D.K. Smith

    Ron… well put!

    If you absolutely must quote hourly rates… think about what auto mechanics and plumbers charge.

    Then quote a rate appropriate to your skillsets, training, and time spent perfecting and maintaining the craft of being a WordPress professional.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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