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How to prevent spammers from commenting?

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    I wonder how to prevent spammers from commenting – i.e. blocking their comments and automatically deleting them before they end up in the spam box in the Admin? I use Akismet and it helps, but it would be nice not to see spam filled in in the Admin. Thanks!



    Akismet has a setting: “Auto-delete spam submitted on posts more than a month old.” That will automatically clean your spam in Admin.



    What if it deletes some comments by mistake that are not spam?

    Also, I wonder if Disqus is better? There are some people who may not have Disqus account and get more frustrated than just filling in names and emails?

    I’m not crazy about CAPTCHA – it’s not only frustrating for screen reader users, but even regular users because words are morphed to the point that are hard to read.

    I found a link to a plugin to do the math, but it seems not to exist? I’d like a user to do math before posting a comment.


    Joly MacFie

    Not that I get that many comments but I am yet to ever see Akismet flag something legitimate. Anyone else?

    Oh and, jetpack comments isn’t so bad.


    D.K. Smith

    Hi Sveta, Come to the WordPress Brooklyn Meetup on plugins this coming Tuesday, 3/12.

    WordPress Plugins You Haven’t Heard Of and Need To Know will cover some excellent anti-spam plugins and lots more.

    @ Jolie… glad you’re busy with work. See you in April.



    D.K. Smith – unfortunately, Brooklyn is far for me to travel to in an evening during the week, and I would also need communication access services. Will slides and notes be posted online afterwards?


    D.K. Smith

    Hi Sveta, I will send you a link to the slides. Klyovo?



    @D.K. Smith – yes, please! Thanks!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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