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    Lora P

    It’s been a while since I’ve shopped hosting plans, but after years of just being too lazy to move…

    Right now I have a number of small static sites with very low traffic, all on one account, in a shared-server plan. I think my provider offers the bare minimum efficacy in that the sites are slow to load (even tho’ there’s very little dynamic code). When I started trying to build a couple of WordPress sites that would run under my plan, I thought I was going to tear my hair out using the WordPress dashboard– the reload/refresh was so slow– so I took to customizing (simple) themes using WAMP, then uploading the theme folder as I made changes.

    But I’m in the process of designing a couple of sites that I hope will grow and scale, and I can’t even imagine how awful my current provider’s service would be unless I upgraded to a private server.

    Isn’t there anything in between?? Is there a reliable hosting service out there who offers shared-server plans that perhaps don’t have 3,000 sites on one server? Like a “semi-shared” server plan? Or “shared”, but with dynamic RAM or space so that even small spikes wouldn’t crash your sites? Something with ability to scale as you grow– without having to jump up to a Huffington Post level of service before you get there?

    Any advice would be welcome!

    Sharon Schanzer
    Participant, is hands-down the best host for WordPress. Amazing support, speed, uptime plus features such as one click staging, no-fee hosting for development sites, easy back and up restore, easy and free migration from other hosts, CDN, caching…And the list goes on! They have changed my life…and allowed me rest easily at night.

    I wish all of my vendors were 1/2 as good as WPEngine!

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    Sharon Schanzer
    Owner & Creative Director
    technology. strategy. creativity
    646.595.0033 office
    917.677.5827 mobile/sms

    Lora P

    WP Engine sounds wonderful, Sharon, so thanks for that suggestion. Not sure I can afford it though.

    Anyone else?


    I haven’t tried Fly Wheel yet but I heard great things:

    D.K. Smith

    We have several clients who are quite happy with Pressable.

    Dr Ron Suarez

    The first time you have some kind of support question, you’ll see that you get lots of value from WPengine. If you value your time or if you have to ever pay others to look into problems for you, then you’ll be very happy with WPengine.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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