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    Sheryl Blasnik

    I brought this up at the Meetup last night.

    I am looking to add a user controlled slideshow that can be placed at the top of a post with left and right arrow keys to advance the photos.

    The slideshow window would either have to be 600px in width total or possibly open a new window the width of my my total blog? I do not like the look of a lightbox. I would also need the option of captions & would love to have the social media icons as well.

    Also it would need to burn through Feedburner where only the first photo would show up on the subscriber’s e-mail after the new post is e-mailed. I know that NextGen and Portfolio do not work with the RSS feed. All the photos shoot through stacked vertically and look horrible.

    Can you tell by the source code how this was done — This is what I want:

    Is Rachel using a plug-in or was this hand coded??

    Would love to find a FREE slideshow plug-in and then just have custom code written?

    Can anyone do this? Thanks!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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