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general strategy question for sites using WP as a cms

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    let’s say you wanted to prepare a site for a client who will want to add little bits of content over time to several different pages in a site that’s not a blog (ie. it’s all pages). But, the content requires a bit of styling and we’d like to make it easy on them.

    I think custom fields on pages are only good for one block of content (ie. not repetitive). What general strategy would you use to prepare such a site?

    Here’s an example of a site I have already completed that illustrates this question. They have many pages that change regularly: home (when new book comes out), books (which is the catalog page and also changes when new books come out), coming soon (announcing new stuff).

    (note: I understand how to use custom fields and have also used More Fields plugin)


    Not sure I completely understand, but BOOKS can be a category. When they want to add a book, the client just creates a Post and assigns it to the “Book” category.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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