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Deleting the Undeletable Post!

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    James P

    I’m running the latest version of WP within a child theme of thematic.
    Recently, I was experimenting with feeding posts from tumblr blog into the WP blog. The results were uneven – some things showed up, others didn’t.

    I decided to abandon the experiment – deleted the feedwp plugin, and deleted the posts.

    Only one post just won’t delete! It’s driving me crazy. It shows up when you load the site. It shows up in the dashboard. If you try to edit it in the dashboard it gives the message, “You attempted to edit an item that doesn’t exist. Perhaps it was deleted?”.

    If you try to ‘trash’ the post in dashboard, it says “Are you sure you want to do this?” And then a few spaces below this message it says, “Please try again.”

    Clicking the “please try again” links returns you to the dash, where nothing has changed, you still can’t edit, you still can’t trash.

    The dash shows nothing in the trash.

    It seems the database has been corrupted somehow. How do I go in, save the good posts, and manually delete this intransigent post???

    D.K. Smith

    Let’s begin at square-one. Have you cleared your browser cache, cookies, history/etc and re-booted?

    If not, try it and post back.

    James P

    Yes, I’ve done that. No effect.


    Are you running any caching plugins (Super Cache, Total Cache). If so, each has a button that allows you to delete their cache. Try doing that.

    If you think the db is corrupt, you can repair it a few ways:

    -via phpmyadmin



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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