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    I’m sure that some of my fellow Word Press community are as appalled as I am by the actions of that idiot Bob Parsons at Go Daddy in hunting endangered and innocent animals for sport. We have to put out money where our mouths are and transfer our sites to more sensible and environmentally conscious companies. I have investigated a bunch of them and Host Gator seems to be the best so far. Media Temple didn’t pick up the phone, then Network Solutions had me on hold forever. Curious what hosting you all use. I need mine to load faster (Go Daddy also sucks in that department) and the company to have good 24-7 support.


    I’ve recommended Liquidweb in the past, and they’ve been pretty good. Also, heard good things about

    Joly MacFie

    I’ve used shared hosting at Dreamhost for years – more than one account – and, with the exception of a couple of hiccups, always been very happy. Can’t argue with unlimited space and bandwidth! On the odd occasion I have had a problem they’ve been very responsive – including shifting sites or mysql’s to different servers when requested.

    Joe Harkins

    I too am unhappy with Parson’s activities, not just the way he runs his business. He is sexist and antifeminist and quite the right-wing angel. His personal money supports causes that I find offensive. But in this one instance, the elephant shooting, there is another side to the story. Depredation by elephants, struggling for living space with humans, is causing serious problems for the farmers.

    Moving on, I own a boutique hosting business that has been in business more than 17 years. Some of my clients have been with me since Day One. My servers are the fastest you can find. Clients get my home phone, as well as superb 24/7 tech support by a resource I have used for many years.

    I offer unlimited everything. I can support that because i am selective about the sites I host. I offer only two plans “Self Managed Hosting” and “Fully Managed Hosting” with big discounts for prepaid with guaranteed refunds any time.

    Joe Harkins

    There are dozen or so clients, of my hundreds, listed on my site. Contact any and ask if they like my service.

    Jean Gazis

    I’m also interested in a short lists of hosting places to recommend. I am affiliated with WebHostNY, but I’d like to provide more than one recommendation. WebHostNy has been hosting many years, and hosting Drupal for several, and recently added WordPress hosting.


    I think just out of laziness I ended up working with I’ve been with them for years, and I never had any major issues – probably because I am not a heavy user, anyway.

    Rindy Portfolio

    I’ve used Bluehost for six years and never had a problem. They are a great company

    David Bressler

    I use, and have a few customers hosted on it. Way better than GoDaddy from a support and performance perspective.

    Allan Pearlman

    I’ve been pretty happy with Hostgator. Notwithstanding Steve’s warnings against <$10/mo hosting, I haven't had a problem (though, full disclosure: I have not really tested them in terms of volume so far). Their telephone support has been helpful each time I’ve had to call in. As for social consciousness: they boast being “green” and using electricity from wind power.

    Peter Franz

    Given the nature of the OP issues with GoDaddy, I wished responses would include a bit of info beyond “I’ve never had problems with” hosting company X.

    I use Canvas Dreams out in Oregon. Wind powered, very clean energy minded and excellent service. They host WordPress of course.

    Krista Gonzalez

    If you are looking for shared hosting, I personally like Bluehost. Have been with them for about 4 years and overall are ok.

    Experience has taught me that there is NO perfect shared hosting solution. I have had to manage many different accounts from different hosts over the last 6+ years and there is always something. If you want faster, more reliable and intimate setting, find a private host to work with that provides strong support.

    My personal decisions are generally based on what they are providing in terms of support (assuming products are good for the price). I like knowing that when I call I have a live human being on the phone in less than 7 min walking me through problem or correcting whatever the problem is. They also have live chat support on their website which comes in handy when I am working overnight (to minimize noise) or if I am on phone doing something else. I just like options that work 🙂

    I am not fond of the hosts with “ticketing systems” for support or the ones that keep you on hold so long you forgot what the problem was by time you get someone. And always test the hold time for support, not sales. Oddly enough, I have seen some with 5 min hold time for sales and like 25 min for support. Once you become customer you have to bet you will be calling support 9 out of 10 times, not sales.

    If you choose one you aren’t happy with, most will pro-rate and refund you (find out cancellation policy ahead of time), then you can try another. It’s hard choosing if you have never before, but know you aren’t married to them, and luckily with WordPress, its not impossible to move a site, just tedious at times. Just be sure to move files before cancelling account.

    Good luck!


    Before selecting a host you may want to ask them if they backup your data. Do not assume that they do. I spoke to Bluehost last year and they did not do backups.

    Even if they do backups, it’s probably best to do your own as well. There are two things you need to backup:
    -FILES: Theme, plugins, etc

    Choose one of these free plugins (most of them only backup your database), or even better spend a little for href=”;>Backup Buddy.


    Krista Gonzalez

    Its always good to backup ALL files possible to your own external hd.

    Bluehost does backups as far as I know. I mean I had an issue about a month and a half ago and they were able to restore everything to the last backup they had which was maybe 24 hours prior. But definitely ask them how frequently they backup and WHAT they backup.

    And actually its a good point also because for example I use wp-db-backup and on the one occasion so far that I had to restore, they very easily walked me through it.

    Backups are essential.

    Joe Harkins

    Steve’s comments on using a WP plugin that makes pre-scheduled, automated backups is a good one, even if the host does do their own. There is no such thing as too much backup. I encourage all the WP-based sites I host to use one.

    A tip: as Steve correctly points out, those plugins only make a backup of the database. While the Db is essential to the site, that limited backup does not save your images, theme, layouts, etc that affect the look of the site.

    But since those items do not change often, one general download of the entire site can be done, exclusive of the database using FTP or the filemanger in cPanel. Then, together with the regularly generated Db backup, the site usually can be restored with virtually no loss.

    Finally, your host should not charge for restoring from backups.

    Anne Samachson

    This thread has been inactive for nearly one year. Does anyone has wants to update the recommendations it contains?

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