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Backtrack on Support of WPB2D

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    Jonathan Goodman

    Hey NYC WordPress Friends. For those of you at the last Meetup you’ll remember I shouted out my support of WPB2D when Steve asked for suggestions during the developer raffle. A couple of you asked me what the plugin was about and while I still believe it’s a great plugin I need to tell you about an issue I’m having with them and unfortunately I need to backtrack on my support of their product.

    WPB2D is a WordPress plugin that backs up your entire site to your Dropbox account. Now that part works great!! They even have an upgrade that turns the backup into a zip file and will also send you alerts on the success or failure of the backup. This also works great!!!

    Here’s what happened…you can purchase the zip and alerts for each site for $28. It actually breaks down even further to $9 & $19 for each item. When I found this out I got really excited and purchased it for one of my clients. Then after the checkout I start reading that there is a premium version for $129 for unlimited sites. Well I have more than 5 clients so this is a much better deal for me. So I purchased the $129 and sent an email asking for my $28 dollars back from the original purchase. No answer for two days.

    Then I send another email because now I’m trying to figure out how the premium works. None of the site installs beyond my original purchase are actually working and there isn’t a code or additional file to allow the plugin to understand it’s part of my premium purchase. Major frustration.

    Finally, I send this email:


    I don’t see that you refunded me for the additional charges of $9 & $19.
    I’m also having difficulty accessing an area of your website where I can
    tell WPB2D the names of the website to include in the Premium subscription.

    Thank you,

    Here is there response:

    Gday Jonathan,

    What difficulties are you having?


    Did you see that? First, he completely ignored my request for a refund. Second, I already explained what the problem was and he’s basically blowing me off. Like – Thanks for your money Mate. I’m going to put another shrimp on the barbie.

    Well, I just thought you should all know the problems I’m having with WPB2D. I’ve had to file a complaint through PayPal. What a waste of time.


    Jonathan Goodman

    Well that got things rolling pretty quickly. It was either the threat of a PayPal dispute or this message board but within an hour of me posting this rant the plugin developer stopped everything to help me figure out the problems I’m having. He still owes me $28 but I believe he’ll refund that money within a day. He’s in Australia so communication is definitely slow and my hope is that now he understands what the problem is he will re-work his website to be more accommodating to his premium clients.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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