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Q + A about theme design for Wordpress


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    Sally Minker

    I am considering using Themify for my next project. Has anyone had any experience with their themes? They gave WPNYC members a free theme a while ago. Did anyone use it?


    D.K. Smith

    Hi Salley,

    We’ve done development work and security on several of their themes and generally do not like them. Among smaller issues:

    * underlying framework is so-so at best. Theme settings drop if you don’t do things in a certain “un-documented” order.

    * updates are too frequent. Normally this might be a good thing however, Themify has updated some themes every 3-4 weeks and they’re often major changes.

    The second point isn’t so bad, but when combined with other issues…

    IMHO, look elsewhere.

    There are dozens of vendors sellling better themes.

    Sally Minker

    Wow, updates more than once a month sounds excessive!

    Thanks, DK!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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