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Child Theme Setup Problems

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    on this site, I have a theme called Cearti installed. I tried to create a child theme setup and it doesnt seem to be overriding the parent theme.

    If I firebug the homepage, and click on the CSS tab, it shows the following:
    `@import “”;
    @import “”;
    @import “”;
    @import “”;`

    So I want to override the /Cearti/css/style.css and the /Cearti/css/orange.css files.

    So I created, and activated, a Ceartichild theme and in there I have these files:
    /themes/Ceartichild/style.css (here’s the code)
    /themes/Ceartichild/css/orange.css (here’s the code)

    Please advise why the child theme style files are not overriding the parent theme. Thanks in advance.



    It’s probably because your’re @importing the css.
    -remove the import statements from
    -add the last three import statements to style.css
    -add whichever ones you want to the child style.css



    I’m a little confused. I think something got cutoff there, especially in the first bullet point.

    bullet 1: remove the import statements from which file(s)? both my child styles?

    bullet 2: add the last three important statements to the CHILD style.css at /Ceartichild/style.css?

    bullet 3: huh? 🙂 shouldnt i only be adding certain ones?

    please advise. thanks!

    also, there’s a third file at which i’m trying to overrid with a file at



    The import statements are in your header.php file… they need to be removed from there.



    here’s the header.php style info:

    if i understand, i need to change that first import rule? if so, to what?



    got it figured out. the /Ceartichild/style.css didnt need any import rules. That’s just used to trigger the child theme functionality.

    all my new css rules should go in /Ceartichild/css/orange.css and I needed to add this to my header.php: `@import url(/wp-content/themes/Ceartichild/css/orange.css);`


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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