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Shopp Plugin + Scrolling Gallery Plugin

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    Anyone here use Shopp for their shopping cart needs? I really don’t like the way the pre-packed product gallery looks on the individual product pages. And I want to replace it with a gallery that has thumbnails in a scrollbar like in this plugin:

    However, when I add this plugin, its functionality doesnt show up on my product editor pages because the the plugin doesnt recognize them as typical posts, since the product pages are really a CUSTOM post type, not standard posts. So basically I cant use it. I’ve had the same problem with other plugins.

    Nor can I use this plugin ( because it looks for the images associated with that post. But there’s no way to upload pictures to these CUSTOM posts like you would a normal post.

    Can anyone recommend a course of action, or plugin, to achieve the look of this plugin that I like and get it onto my product pages?

    I have asked this in the Shopp forums just now but its rare that I ever get a decent response time there, and even if I do, I like hearing different opinions or suggestions so please share.

    Please advise. thanks in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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