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Looking for a delayed pop-up to be used for marketing

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    I am looking for a delayed pop-up.

    I will have a video on it and I want to put a link on it so that when visitors click on it they will be taken to a specific page.

    It is important that I can control to who the pop-up is displayed to. If i send a recent blog post to my list I may not want the pop to appear. But i may want it to appear when someone clicks on my link from linkedin groups.

    I came across these pop-up plugins

    Can anyone please if the plugins I have listed below are good. or if there are other ones that they have experience with that are very good. thank you

    Susan Rodriguez

    I haven’t tried any of those the pop-up you listed, but I am about to try a plugin from an author who also has a delayed pop-up version. .
    The feedback for his non-delay version appears to be pretty good.

    I believe in order to have it pop-up for certain users, either the plugin has to have feature to capture the referring url of the visitor and use that as a condition or you will may need a little php to get the url and then launch the pop-up.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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