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Back Links…….any tips…….?

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    Vincent Gentile

    Just presenting this topic topic to the group.

    Does anyone have any good tips on getting back links……?
    What about different software/plugins that push the content…..?
    Pinging theory’s…..?


    Here’s my tip: come to this month’s meetup. Jonathan is talking about backlinks.

    Jonathan Goodman


    There is a very big difference between setting up a backlink campaign and using pinging services to alert them of new content on your site.

    I agree with Steve that this month’s meetup is the best place to start. Although, based on your question I’m realizing I might need to spend a little more time debunking the myth of backlinks then originally planned. I’ll make sure to start slow and ramp up quick.

    One final note…be very cautious of any service that does their backlinks using a software/plugin. Backlinking is a slow and steady race not a marathon. If you wake up Monday morning with brand new hundred thousand links attached to your site you’d better have just been the first to announce the landing of an alien spaceship. Otherwise Google will shut you down quicker than a kid eating pancakes on a Sunday morning.


    Jonathan Goodman

    Let me correct that analogy: Backlinking is a Marathon not a Sprint.

    Vincent Gentile

    Steve/Jonathon – Thank You……I will definitely be at the meet up…. looking forward to it.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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