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A Slider (jquery)

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    Benjamin Altman

    Hey All,

    Can’t figure out how to get any slider to show up on my site. The best I’ve gotten is SmoothSlider (can find plugin in WP Plugin Repository) but it’s not sliding (the javascript not active?) Do I have to Enqueue the jQuery Script in my header.php? Then I can plugin the php for the slider in any page?



    It looks like the plugin automatically adds the script to the header, but you do need to add the php to your theme in the files where you want the slider to appear. Depending on your theme, and where you want it to appear, that might also be in header.php (for every page on your site), index,php (for the front page/archive pages/etc, depending on how you structure your code). Alternatively, the plugin supports placing sliders in posts using a short code, so you could put a slider in a “sticky post” rather than edit the php of your theme.


    Benjamin Altman

    That’s great. Thanks Andrew. I’ll give it a try.



    What browser are you using? The images rotate (dissolve) every few seconds for me.


    Benjamin Altman

    typically, I use chrome.

    what page are you looking at because i just removed the one I sent a moment ago.


    Benjamin Altman


    I dumped SmoothSlider, got tired of it.

    I’m trying WOWSlider now and I plopped the php ‘< ?php wowslider(1); ?>‘ into my ‘page_blog.php’ template. The page ‘Blog1’ uses this template and is located at ‘’.

    As you will see, the slider is there, buuut, no arrows to slide between images or any sliding JavaScript effect when I toggle between the images with the small block radio toggle on the top right corner of this slider.

    In the WP Dashboard, though, there’s a preview of the slider in WOWSlider Settings and the JS slider arrows exist and the toggle has a nice effect when hovering over the black radio buttons in the top right corner of the image.

    Any ideas why, I think it’s the JS, isn’t loading on this particular template (‘page_blog.php’)? Do I need to enqueue the script locally to the template ‘page_blog.php’? That doesn’t seem like it would make sense.

    What would you think is going on?


    Benjamin Altman

    Swapped out to the Twenty Ten theme and the slider works fine.

    Any things you would suggest looking at to see why a jQuery Slider wouldn’t work in my particular theme (it’s a custom one)?


    Kevin Cristiano

    Hi Benjamin,

    I just took a look at and the home page. I am seeing a “slider” in your banner on both pages, but with no controls (arrows etc). Is this what you are talking about?

    I also see that your web site is loading style sheets for smooth_slider and wow-slider. Are both plugins loaded?

    As far as why the slider is not working in your theme, I suspect a conflict with either a plugin or the theme itself.

    I have seen sliders not work with WordPress if they needed an earlier version of jquery than WordPress is running (3.2.1 is running jquery 1.6.1), however, if the slider works with twentyten, that rules that out.

    I would expect to find the conflict with another plugin. Can you disable all other plugins (leave buddypress enabled) and see what happens? If the problem still occurs we’d need to look at a conflict with either buddypress or your theme.


    Benjamin Altman


    I appreciate the thoughts.

    I have abandoned Wowslider and SmoothSlider and have applied the slider that’s already built in to the theme. It’s not exactly what I wanted and is a pain to configure, very finicky.

    Seems that the js of the slider built into my theme is interfering with any other sliders I have installed into the theme. Any insight into how to implement another JS/Jquery device (like a slider) when there’s a conflict like that?

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