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Local events and class that would be interesting to this group VIP Training Days

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    Keymaster VIP Training Days: From the team who powers some of the biggest WordPress sites in the world comes new, intensive one-day training courses for developers & superusers (editors & site admins)! These courses will focus on small groups of students with hands-on material led by several Automattic and VIP team members.

    The Developer Fundamentals I course is meant to introduce PHP developers to WordPress – from an introduction to WP coding standards and VIP best practices to understanding the WP loop, actions and filters, and building your own themes & plugins, this is a good course for developers looking to build sites which will scale to VIP levels and code secure and scalable code.

    The Superuser training is for those editors and site admins who will serve as the WordPress expert in an organization – we’ll cover everything from user management & permissions to a deep dive into the publishing process so superusers can teach their editors, authors, and contributors how to best use the WordPress interface.

    We’re offering the WordPress Meetup New York City an exclusive discount for the courses: $75 off any course! Just insert WPMEETUPNYC75 upon registering.

    For more information about what’s covered in each course & to sign up, please visit the event page on Eventbrite.

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