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What’s the difference between v.

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    Need a website? Everyone keeps telling you how easy WordPress is, but lost in the shuffle? Don’t have a clue what a host is or why you would use one?

    In this 90 minute class we’ll talk about the key differences between and We’ll talk about what hosting is and what to look for. We’ll see and discuss the WordPress dashboard, plugins and themes.

    Some other topics covered:

    – What is a domain
    – Self-hosting
    – What is a Jetpack
    – What are plugins
    – What are themes
    – Which is best for me or

    There will be a presentation and a Q & A.

    Here’s what people have to say about Nate’s previous classes:
    “Nate was a friendly, warm, and thorough instructor. He managed to cover a lot of material in the three hour class period without making it overwhelming or confusing. I walked out with a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, CMS and SEO – subjects I had previously felt were unapproachable and foreign. I feel equipped to begin playing with programs to start setting up my own site. And on top of all of that, he brought snacks – thoughtful and much appreciated given how hard it is to run from work to class.”

    “Nate Cooper has an excellent grasp on presenting technical elements in a easy to follow manner. I learned the process of creating a website along with a comprehensive overview without being overwhelmed. A practical, thorough, entertaining class at a great value.”

    “Covered the basics in an easy to understand way as well as a broad overview.”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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