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Need WP Consultant/Tutor – Moving Very Large Site and Learning WP

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    Hi, I’m looking to move my site to WP, and it’s a big project with lots of requirements – choosing a host (likely VPS based on my traffic) transitioning from HTML, very swift transition (can’t manage two sites for any length of time), setting up gravity forms, keeping html permalinks, newsletter, using two different WP templates simultaneously, etc. Design is the least important part of this, and I will likely be using a Studiopress theme.

    One of my key requirements is that I am able to set up my site in Dreamweaver, manage the content there and FTP in. I don’t expect to do design in or manage widgets/plug ins in DW, only the content.

    I am specifically looking for someone able to meet me in Manhattan (Union Square area) to show me how to set up WP in DW. These are examples of what I’d like to do:

    Just to be clear. I am not looking for your advice or opinion on if DW is the best tool for my business. It is. Thanks in advance!


    Darin Roman


    I am assuming that you have built and currently maintain your website using Dreamweaver and have a working knowledge of HTML and CSS. As indicated in the links you’ve provided, Dreamweaver can certainly be conneced to WordPress to create and edit a theme with a local server environment then pushed to your web host via FTP. However, you cannot edit the page or post content with Dreamweaver as the content HTML is stored in a database and not in an HTML file.

    WordPress is a CMS, which requires a different approach and workflow (from a static website) when maintaining and updating your content. Your theme and template files are PHP with HTML for structure/layout and once in place would rarely be edited or changed. These files do not contain any content, just the instructions for getting the content from the database and displaying it within the intended layout.

    Creating a WordPress version of your website would require some planning, however, is worth the effort as it will be much easier to maintain. I’m afraid you’re going to have to give up the idea of using Dreamweaver for content management. It is not a matter of it not being a good tool for editing code, you should use what you are comfortable with. It is simply not possible to edit HTML within a database using Deamweaver. WordPress has its own editor for this purpose with a Visual & HTML mode. The editor’s visual mode can also be truly WYSIWYG with an additional CSS file in your theme and can be extended with a plugin.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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