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Help / Coaching with Adsense, Adbrite

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    Melissa Cahill

    Hi everyone. I’m working with a client who is upgrading his site (moving it to WordPress) in order to be able to sell more ad space. I have no experience setting up advertising and I’m having difficulty understanding all the concepts and what needs to be done with his site regarding setting up ad places, ad zones, etc.

    I’m confused by all the various components — he has an AdSense and DFP account — neither of which he’s ever really used — he’s been using a single AdSense code snippet on his site for the last decade! He also just signed up with Adbrite and we installed a plugin called Simple Ads Manager, thinking a good plugin might help me make sense of it all.

    I’m looking for a little coaching, for which I’m happy to offer some pay. Or if someone knows of a super simple tutorial, that would be most appreciated.



    Here’s the 30 second summary:
    -ADSENSE: Easily place adsense code in your website and run ONLY Google adwords ads. Here are your choice of formats > You just need to place a simple code snippet in your theme. Adsense only allows you to show three ads per page.
    -DFP: This is an Ad Server. You can upload ANY ads you want. This way you can sell individual ads, and have DFP serve them for you. If there are no ads, DFP can default to show Adsense ads. You also place a code snippet in your theme (actually two… one in the and one in the theme where you want the ad to show)

    Hope that helps!


    Melissa Cahill

    Well, er, thanks Steve — that much I understand. Unfortunately, I think I still need more help. Part of the problem is the site is not yet live, so it’s hard to tell if things are working (since no ads are yet being sold/served). I’m also unsure of all the terminology of ad places, ad zones. Then the Simple Ads Manager plugin further asks which pages the various places/zones should appear on. I’m in a bit over my head.

    I’d love to find someone to walk me through the various interfaces in this setup so I could get a better understanding of how they all fit/work together. If you know someone like this, please pass their contact info to me. And thanks for the 30 second summary! 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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